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be disturbed. (See cases reported by Fischel, " Archiv
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pupillary membrane causes the following changes in the lens:
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had been unable to recognize it in his case, and other surgeons
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operation for hydrocele was successfully performed, the wound
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incision was so far diminished, the lines of the sutures being
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During the five years wdiich I have had the honor to
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and very good results were obtained, the uniting medium, al-
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and then in a watery solution of 1 to 1,000 for ten to fifteen
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palm of the hand particularly had oxbiliited a good deal of per-
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patients as such patients are cured nowhere in any other part
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water. If this be employed, it should be dropped, hot or
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raw cotton was applied over the whole belly, and secured by a bandage.
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At the last confinement there was considerable post-partum
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to be extremely meager. A great many isolated cases of
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discovered ; but light percussion developed an intensely tympanitic
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the suture (silver) about a quarter of an inch from the left
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brought upon me, as my medical friends know, affected my
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nursing can not be gainsaid. It is difficult to introduce
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prevail in epidemics, and we have a great additional factor
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pital experience, and had seen nothing of sickness."
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co-legal matters, and his visit to Providence was for the pur-
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we understand, of Dr. Millard's contributions to the anatomy
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by a system of practice than by its confidence in the man in
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method, on the 17th of February, 1883, from a patient forty-five
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of fagots — so the subject of water comprehends much that
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to the subject at a future period ; at present he merely wishes to direct
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The breathing bad not troubled her in the slightest all d.iy, and

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