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again it has been necessary to assist the complete anaesthesia

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synthetic theobromine will soon be offered. In view

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targol irrigation was maintained and the bladder kept

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utilized for clinical purposes. Ke round however that

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On the Use of O Dwyer s Intubation Instruments. Nicoll

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a few days. She did not have fever and did not consult a

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tribution on this subject. Scopolamine is related to the

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sionally infected. In Venezuela and Guiana the dis

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they were in capital condition. They had wintered on the range

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smallpox 3 within the previous week. The port has been

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the conjunctiva in which they are found. In fact as this

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back to contagion from one of the 2 diseases. The many

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the applications are not painful 5 or 10 minutes after an

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would seem wise to familiarize the reader briefly and

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tion with fibroid tumor of the uterus. He claims that the

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used with more or less success both as temporary devices and

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valescent patients from the New York hospitals. Miss

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spleen had pain after eating. She had fainted and vomited

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Byron in a letter written when the boy was three years

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there are many difficulties in the making of a maga

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hospital of the veterinary department of the University of Penn

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Z.. A horse was reported as having broken its leg during

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lowing are the conclusions as to the cause of enlarged pros

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the gate of New Zealand and a beautiful gate it is

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him. Nothing particular about the chest. Diagnosis is not made

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