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that I am of the opinion that all animals wild and domestic

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S. Report of a Case of Gunshot Wound of the Thorax in

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being controlled by the thyroid secretion iodine in

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right of the median line and at a point a little below

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ment. This general soundness is frequently quoted by Conti

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aspirated it was found to have a specific gravity of 1010.

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mucous membrane of the mouth of the pharynx or of the

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following day cow was inclined to remain down but could read

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tain date and some veterinarians having such diplomas refused

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This increase is greatest at ages over 45 is common to

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instinct of research forbids the possession of a high power of

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continued long except for special reason and under special

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day died. This observation coincides with those made by Koch

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of complete ablation of a large dropsical synovial sac of the fet

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sarc is seen to fill the clear protrusion with a sudden

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other conditions that cause the development of these nodes

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victims of hereditary unsoundness or a strong predisposition to

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leave little doubt as to their condition while on the contrary

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greatest value to those who have time for only limited reading.

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gan four months before the observation and grew rapidly. The

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great many of the drumhead pictures have been redrawn

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liver omentum and diaphragm all healed rapidly. Lapa

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Among the complications noted were albuminuria heart

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Nervous Enteritis. Ritterband Medical Record recom

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the muscles of the back and neck hyperesthesia of the legs

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defensive proteids and is obtained from various animal and

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schools. In the country districts most of the veterinary work

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Dr. James L. Robertson gave some Reminiscences of the

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salt solution is used. The enema should be taken with

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