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l)atients treated in the six institutions during the year was

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is his own). The least hurry, exertion, or mental worry re-

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early masturbation being a presumable cause; there was no

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the course of its ruling member. They threatened, more or les-*

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for investigation, there is much to hope for and little to dis-

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Medical Department of Niagara University. Annual An-

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he witnessed was at the Woman's Hospital, and performed

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their time and labor with an ardor which does credit to the two profes-

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former symptoms. A specimen of his urine gave an acid reac-

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necessary. In one case the result was a very good one, and he

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Westbrook ( /,351) considers that the presence of an orifice

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2. The concentration and preservative eilort upon the

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ence to my present views upon the use of cutaneous refriger-

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dependent of the stratum intermedinm. Nor have the olivary

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arisen between the working of the National Board of Health

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There was a great deal of variation within certain limits in this

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York. After the hospital had been in full operation for a

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operate upon her." Dr. Sims hired rooms for her and

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care should be taken not to group nor state them in such a

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tal position, but it was readily reduced, the ring being very

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are, however, one or two points upon which I must touch

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a hospital as soon as possible. A few days after this, Mrs.

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would probably die from chronic brain trouble In the first

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The commencement exercises of the medical colleges of this

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be devised which shall quite embody the preferences of every

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