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a determined attempt to remove the appendix than deliber

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spores have very probably arrived in the locality recently

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cass of a white horse was seized because of generalized melano

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liquid most of the time from the heat. The tropical

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the matter and promptly communicated with the Philadel

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our power this exertion giving us new power. And so out of

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deaths occurred in October November and December. The

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gion as applied to the means of transmitting infective dis

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later investigations have diminished the enthusiasm.

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lected 127 such eases. Splenectomy was performed in SO

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required for the table of contents and that the index has

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destruction is not so extensive as would appear and in the

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cases we had in two oxen which still had normal temperatures

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torn perineum. He decides that physicians are properly

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Australis and other varieties are found on other domestic ani

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the discharges from typhoid patients are left exposed in

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cuneiform osteotomies and resections of the bones en bloc

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and drained. The patient died however. Bacteriological

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the Middlesex Hospital. Medical Tutor in the Medical

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she seemed much better but on laying her down the spasm re

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