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impossilile to extirpate it in case of total ectasia of the
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The Weight of the Brain. Sir James Crichton Browne
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siderations as to the nature and effect of the ultra
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veterinarian and he will be treated with due respect and cor
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product of the colleges received a real impetus at Cleveland in
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was last week diagnosed as smallpox has now been called
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tion to easily assimilate the knowledge imparted to them or to
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pertaining to domestic animals. The prefix forming the word
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istics above described percussion over it yielding a dull
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for new facts may involve only a part of each question. The
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books of the directors and stockholders and a large proportion
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which occurred last year in many of the reserves was
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to the tumor became so severe that she agreed to sub
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tain the support of every senator and representative from his
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meeting to develop a co relation between the work of the
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under the official title of aloe colchici radix is changed to
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er or not your patient has been addicted to the use
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esting cases of rupture of an aneurysm of the ascending
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hand. None of the grown cattle exhibited any of the symptoms

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