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evident decomposition. The higher the temperature and

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had one subcutaneous two vaccinated and two witnesses were

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sequence. Without exception these are all vascular

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anus on Wednesday evening narrated a case coming under his

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small dose were embarrassing the method of anesthesia

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organic bodies especially in the presence of hydro

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since this educational feature of veterinary meetings was intro

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his own and original ideas on the subjects he treats of.

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removed by laparotomy. A full description of the tumor

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practitioner who also is a careful observer finds time to record

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consideration of the physiological effects of long

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the mercury which is washed out with sterilized water 5

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which was accepted and ordered spread on the minutes

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four years. Worse for two years vomiting increasing

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abstruse subject but should be supplied with some sort

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body those in the caecum and duodenum being on their way

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Fall River constructed one a few years ago Fitchburg

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the ins and outs in breeding. What knowledge he has is that

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states that the usual rule of tying both ends of the arteries

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the government. Since 1891 when the regular inspection ser

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facts relative to infectious disease and preventive proce

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voted to toxicology but it is to be noted that no attention

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the object of which is to facilitate the propulsion of those gases

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positive means of preventing the myopia from advancing.

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accessible and whenever adhesions to the neighboring

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To substantiate the value of his modification of the manipu

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project into the natural deep fossa at the apex of the penis.

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pathology. He reviews the evolution of histological re

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mained 3 years. In 1855 during the epidemic of yellow

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and omitting but little which could add to the sum of knowl

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case of fistulse of the withers it is of course necessary to open

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they present a certain kinship to the neutrophiles

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faithfully for a great length of time with medicine

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up the present status of the pathology of leptothrix of the

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Brill has reported 3 cases in one family. Among the symp

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It must be noted however that in the 100 cases in which

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two weeks. The fourth child the patient was delivered

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moved to another part of the hospital the delusion slowly

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Case of P. McC aged 24 years entered the hospital on

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and it is impossible to determine positively whether they arc

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condition by frequent warm baths and the subsequent in

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palpaied. The uterus is changed in size and consistency.

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meaning of scientific investigation in the veterinary sciences.

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affected limb. In two cases that came under my notice a bunch

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an Italian medical school will be the superintendent and

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ceptibility or physical condition of the patient and

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will serve to illustrate the action of pathogenic ele

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condition yet albuminuria persisted. But the cough and

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good adhesions between the flap and the wall of the gall

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D The government inspector as a United States quarantine

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where one case exists put officers on guard ordered all

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the plasma obtained after the injection of albumin bodies

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say that the largest scope of these researchers are ardent stu

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cases while 60 cases were reported last September. The

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the opinion of every member present that there is nothing to

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of the recent suggestion of spinal cocainization. This is

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geon or the physician to demonstrate conclusively the ex

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mortality among them was less than that among those

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