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results that it has given me I can hardly resist the temptation

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observation which demonstrated that the immunity conferred

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around the tuberculous foci carry some tubercle bacilli into

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there is also a certain amount of rigidity. He says that

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urethra. That no mishap take place Freyer always de

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rhage is caused by a leakage from the mucous membrane

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i written a very readable and not uninstructive vv ork but

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oil and one ounce of aloes mixed. The next morning the mare

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quack who is a parasite on society but to those good old souls

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a tendency to extend to the lateral ventricle. The tissue is not

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the aspirin. These good results were not associated with

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For Arloing the subject remains to be inquired into and two

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lectirres delivered at Buffalo the second edition of which

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as the names of definite groups of elements which act as

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gall bladder as there is no proof that it is a product

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to recommend it. 8 The Section on Cutaneous Medicine

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founder of the Alabama Surgical and Gynecological Asso

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some practical points bearing upon its symptomatology

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agglutinins rapidly disappeared from the blood which

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shall be invited in which the same or similar diseases as those

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ings where this section is fully detailed and which will be

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the slight regard usually paid by the patient to the persis

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volume stored with such information revised to date as gained for

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Side in a Cow with Recovery Z gt r. Pietro Ghisleni.

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was also tuberculosis of the spleen with many secondary

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to infection particularly if the resistance is dimin

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tion of the average number of 40 000 soldiers of al

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providing certain precautions are rigorously observed. He

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have been conducted for a number of years and along many

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were many narrow escapes and the effect of the alarm and

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