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cases a brisk pursre with a more reasonable regula
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a solution of formalin one half ounce to the gallon. He claimed
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discouraged it s too risky too great danger of infection
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cold feet. They show poor resisting powers and are liable
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which is best. As for the clinic both the Committee on Pro
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production of antitoxin by the horse and dog While in
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had really occurred whether operation would be of any
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fore President Eliot evidently still loves football
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but in good health. The mare continues getting thin she
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If it is not entirely in place inward rotation will bring it
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had been operated upon 4 times and which disappeared
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lashes even were not touched. The conclusion therefore
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quently they become elongated in time forming projections
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severely lacerated the muscles but left the skin intact save the
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not proportionate to these factors but to the quality
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much cutaneous tissue is destroyed skin grafting is indi
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failure of both to provide a middle man and this middle man
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fectious diseases in man and animals. 2 A special vari
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the processes resulting are the same as in other parts of the
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and its extirpation is necessary as it is also when the
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of the hemorrhage and the patient finally recovered. The
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latively unimportant and the active participation of muscle
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to the outer surface of the cecum ascending colon and he
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experiment Guinea pigs were injected intraperitoneally
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notwithstanding the milk has not changed in aspect it looks
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the deepest inspiration at a temperature of the breath
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one of them could have been saved. I am not claiming infalli
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By these educative efforts much could be done to teach the
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years ago when she suffered from a severe attack of ty
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ployed. He prefers version to high forceps delivei y.
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Mass February 7 aged 66 years. Dr. Edward Vandernauf
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Horse No. 2 showed well marked symptoms of purpura on
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tive immunity to tubercle bacilli of the human type the latter
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by its reactions in the maltose and dextrine media em
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Theisen discusses particularly the differential diagnosis
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animals 1 Hedonal undoubtedly belongs to the powerful
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osteotomy of the knee joint c intra articular correction.
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an equal confusion in the treatment. In trachoma the es
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The application of heat is indicated in degenerative cor
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they are finally overcome by a continued production of pest tox
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a letter from Case i. She wrote that she was suffer
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muscles of the forearm making a deep puncture wound that
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most important criteria of intelligence. Although mind
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Thus in a single number that of February 7 you refer in
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performed the operation 473 times 123 in horses more than
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Peters whose splendid efforts have resulted in tlie material
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ing of the tissues may ensue. After sterilization of the
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