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of motor irritation are more severe. Complete loss of consciousness, so com-

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situated, dull headache. For a long time it may be the only symptom, es-

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bra (including simple equations), Latin translation and grammar, and

fucidine zalf bestellen

and Burdach, axis-cylinder processes through the (crossed) antero-lateral col-

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of fresh solution of nitro-prusside of sodium are mixed with the urine, and

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finger-tips together, or performing more complicated movements, such, for

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*1847 Hastings, John, M.D. Edin., 14, AlhemarU' street. W.

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clinical lectures on surgery, and most have been engaged during a

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comprar fucidine crema

fucidin salbe bestellen

D^ss of S;IiSlS"f "2! jccc^l shed overnight, but have been In a continuing

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Chang, Clarence Fong, a, w, sp, Honolulu, T.H. A.B. (U. of Hawaii) '36.

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further examination. Each candidate must forward to the Censors,

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eration of the nerve nuclei in the medulla. We shall become more fully ac-

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Vaughan, Elizabeth Francis, a, w, sp, Grosse Point, Mich. S.B. '35.

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stating that he has been examined, and has acquitted himself to the lecturer's

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hyoscin is the most frequently recommended, are to be avoided. In the more

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dominated by their imaginations. Suggestion is merely the artificial foster-

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shall not be compulsory. The said Register shall be closed on the last

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in the affected muscles on careful observation. The electrical excitability of

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glycogen in the liver and muscles is also inhibited, In animals without a

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It has been mled by the Gbyemment of India that Benrice in the grade of

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<6) Euclid, books i, ii., or the first part of Algebra. For (3) and (4) equi-

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data also harmonize very well with this view. Any injury preceding the de-

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This bundle, however, cannot generally be traced very far downward. The

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affected side. There appears a circumscribed redness with the formation of

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opposite side, the convolutions on the convexity seem flattened, and the fur-

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the patient has to hold a cane in front of himself to keep from falling forward

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6. Briefly, {tefjnrlbe the primary sysptors of raind>^nn infectibn in pyppies.

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Pupils are recommended to attend the afternoon lectures on science

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are generally preparatory, and the other two are devoted to medical soienoe.

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331. The Biochemistry of Internal Secretions. — A lecture course. Prerequisite: Bio-

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of anomalies of motility and of the reflexes, and vasomotor disturbances, may

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