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bacillus by Koch, in 1882, but the lapse of time has

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itself is an affection the gravity of which has bten

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tion bands are wound and knotted. If desired the splint may be bent

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for them, he thought they would be failing in their

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preciable lessening of discharge. March 29, 1910, dis-

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( Still I regard it as part of my duty to note in pass-

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And Other Short Articles Previously Published. Phila-

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of absence for one month and fifteen days about No-

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regular courses in bacteriology and sanitary water analyses,

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Iridochoroiditis right eye, 1909: tubercular syphilides of

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cough, or inspiration following cough at the end of

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in progeny. It is the old law, like begets like. In

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tal deaths of children under five years of age numbered

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localized there may be attained in the most ef„ec-

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transitional stage. The old cells are still active but

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tive to vision, and which eventually, because of its interference

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stomach irrigated, and she retained nourishment. She re-

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in the acute virulent type of the disease the end fre-

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ing space, chronic digestive troubles, amygdalitis,

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On Tuesday evening, November 1st, the Section in Sur-

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sponse to the minimum of stimulus, especially where

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hol, one will find marked oedema of the brain, with

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tance. Ten days ago the patient was examined at the

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at our last meeting in the patient he showed, where,

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prise on being confronted with the plain question :

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of this drug is the fact that healthy animals behave

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5. Observations on Typhus Fever in Astrakhan, in 1907-

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tion and in cardiac action. This change is primarily

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