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ity of cases of this disease fall into three groups:
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characteristic marks of cancer of the lung are to be observed, and it is
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through the year would amount to 40 out of the number of
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the organism would soon die of atrophy. I hoj)e our young
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color; after the addition of sulphuric add, there is a violet and subse-
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hand for this purpose. Usually, a marked polymorphonuclear leucocytosis
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abdominothoracique et au foie, prise pour un abces du foie; cachexie;
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The number of deaths by years was as follows: In 1901, one; 1902,
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because the patients cannot decide to give up the use of liquor, or to
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for, when their syphilitic origin is recognized, an appropriate
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extensively and described some new species. The tentative classification by these
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results in animals from the inoculation of fresh material from another
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invention of the microscope and the discovery of the mamma-
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attacks a somewhat extensive portion of the lung, commencing usually
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find bluish-red or blackish-red spots, from which blood oozes out on
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gradually becomes excessive. The faeces usually scon lose their color,
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The President announced that the Comitia Minora had,
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completed modern hospitals for the Navy at Cailaeao. for the Army at
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and a great many free, round forms. The organisms in the ulcerating lymph-
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firet in one of the femoral veins, and afterward spreads to the vena
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disposal, I distributed among the medical journals of the coun-
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guide-bougies will prove serviceable/ These are used as in his
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Caucasian, Filipino, Japanese, and Chinese on the other, although we
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requires a profound and thorough acquaintance with facts, and
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catarrh, is the only procedure worthy of adoption. Where the oppor-
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Fourthly stands chilling* of the external skin, and the action upon
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Centralbl. f. d. med. Wiss., (1882), 20, 241-243.— t Ueber Actinomycosis.
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trophy to dilatation occurs quite as often as does the transformation
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muscles. Such women, upon whose abdomen it seems cruel to press,
is keppra similar to neurontin

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