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Commercial Dog Zyrtec

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ceed in our curative efforts with greater ease and certainty. It

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tutes that have been recommended, aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) has thus

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instances the seat of fracture has been freed from splinters

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basic ones (methylene blue). In pathological conditions the blood corpuscles

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tion had been troubled with vomiting from the fifth week of

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tists of to-day, who are boasting of their many cures, make use

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".\ Year's Work in Minor Surgical Gynaecology at the

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Contributions of original articles, correspondence, personal items, etc., should be sent to the publishers,

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of clinical possibility, may well grow faint ! Let us, as homoeo-

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8. "A Further Eeport on a New Operation for Arthritis Deformans and Cer-

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One of the most interesting meetings in the history of the

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ness, in which a suspension of memory and consciousness was

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hysterectomy, etc. , compare favorably with those of other

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College, Jersey City; his senior year he attended St. Francis Xavier's

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York in his day, the son immediately after graduating at Yale Uni-

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syphilis. This certainty flashed through my mind with the

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pointed to our clinical experience as making remedial power in

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speaking our familiar language, and whose brains and hearts

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To his patients he is most sympattietic.alwBysunwearied

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contact with the pharyngeal mucosa keep up or increase the

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to wounded men who had been left for dead, although the beating of

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Eighth in descent from Major- General Richard Bennet,

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titioner of medicine, New York City, of all-around capability,

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