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in a considerable majority of cases occurs in the female sex. Several
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people, beginning in warts upon the dorsum of the hand or foot, or on
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of thought is completed. The condition differs from delusional stupor,
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benefit in these cases by soaking the nail in liquor potassee and scraping
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apparent cause ; the neurotic character of the itching ; the altered ap-
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little good, it is as certain as aught in human affairs that
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of the spectrum has been greatly extended by the researches of Niels
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by Addison using the name " true cheloid " to designate a very different
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in some may last for a few moments, in others for an indefinite time
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In larger pigmentary patches the treatment is less satisfactory. The
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whilst in some diseases there is proof (enteric fever and diphtheria) or
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mediate gratification of his desire. What the precise motive may be that
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year, Koch and Pfeiffer (15) suggested that, as in the case of certain
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5. Herpes (true, arranged in the distribution of sensory nerves).
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limitation of these disturbances to the same group of neurons, so will
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consequences. This is a kind of uncontrolled or exaggerated mental
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are copious and watery, or if the perspiration be very abun-
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It is always accessible, and very manageable ; but it has the disadvantage

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