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when the animal grew excited or paroxysms were noticed. Tris-

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micidal solutions must be weak enough not to irritate the mucous mem-

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tions were not readily recognized and that the hest index

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discovery of Koplik's spots in the incubation stage would be an indication

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at hand ; the open end of this secured around the horse's nose up

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not immunized, and he developed the disease; then he was injected

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the infiltration of sarcoma-cells into the normal structures.

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each of these six pulses the physician must practice weak, moderate,

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after each meal. Concentrated hydrochloric acid, if used at all, should

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but was not sure of the rest of it, and he thought she was choked

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worker among its members than in the late Dr. W. H. Har-

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Dr. James W. Sallade, of Pottsville, was a professional visitor

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tient's position should be frequently changed, and, if possible, a water-bed

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duced by other vaccines and with less discomfort to the patient, that

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there was more room, and I could move my finger more freely.

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clinics, but of whom it wa^ noted at the timp.that the blood picture

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furnished with a wire stylet, should be carefully sterilized by boiling

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man's thumb which could plainly be Been to communicate with

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Dr. T. B. Cotton, of Mount Vernon, Ohio, has become a r^u-

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the symptoms presented by the two affections are identical. To

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Hemolytic Jaundice: A Review of Seventeen Cases, Surg., Gynec. and Obst., 1917,

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improving nutrition to the paralyzed muscle. During the season

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plied so that they can not be removed; the patients are

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The patient should be bathed daily ; and especial care taken to keep the

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December 5d. — The swelling has subsided, but he has more pain

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arthritis, and as many deny its prophylactic protective power, we must

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puller, and, if either condition be present, he should tell the buyer and let

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of the disease and the frequent occurrence of chronic and

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cloudy when shaken. Masses of cocci were present in it, arranged

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only was the disease diagnosticated during the life of the animals,

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house. This is made easier if an extra room is available for the nurse.

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members joined with others in the formation of this Association, which chose

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violet colour, resembling the lees of wine; its consistence is uniformly

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trunks of each in one pedicle, which can be completely

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