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fic gravity, 1.020; albumin present; sugar none; hyaline
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tee on Prize Essays of the Medical Society of the State of
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From November on, records of nervousness were rare.
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13.58 in a thousand of population, as compared with a rate
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eases, unless these are known to be of luetic origin.
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duce liiin to defer it until such — but of persuading him by an
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of the local health officer, in some cases in which
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as a rule, is absent. The inhibitory eflfects on the
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sciousness, he is placed in a sitting posture, his arms
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of the hospital have been discussing plans for the erection
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5. Exophthalmos in Brain Tumor, with Report of Eight
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induced ; those accidentally induced, or accidentally
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outside the body, fasces containing the bacilli were
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subsequently several sections, showing the disease to be
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patients may, in the future, ask us very embarrass-
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of these conditions be present, then the joint should
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viding that superintendents and boards of managers of in-
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onistic agents of evil — the latter, as a general rule,
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these cases aid in the spread of scarlet fever. The
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methods (Erdheim), which increase in size and number
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about sixty-three per cent, of cases. In a large pro-
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The Medical Society of the County of Ontario, N. Y.,
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less than normal for this period for the past ten years.
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Ri!S5.ia — Kazan, government Aug. 28-Sept. 3 161 89
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Certain drugs seem to have a decided value in tuber-
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Cases and De-\ths from Poliomyelitis Reported, by States, for
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Jr.; directors. Dr. Herman B Allyn, Dr. G. Morton Ill-
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digested. Free acid, 52 : total acid, 68 : lactic acid, none :
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most satisfactory to the editor and his advisers z^nll re-
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2. .-^ Clinical Lecture on the Necessity for Operation in
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There were seven planets, whose concentric crystal-
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refer to as a wise conservatism, is difficult to com-
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Transaction.': of the College of Physicians of Philadelphia. 1910.
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itself. It still claims the awe inspiring authority
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the patient suffered from uterine trouble. On September
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said that the value of the substance was $2,500,000 an
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treatment prevalent with us for Rliiis toxicodendron
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nine parts of carbolized salt solution he obtained so-
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marked rigidity of neck; Kernig's and Babinski's signs
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