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progress it is making is manifested by the large number of

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sheep was referred to. and a description given of the marvellous

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membrane which presents is scraped aw.ny with a sharp spoon.

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various bodies to make arrangements for the celebration of

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proved to be efficient on several occasions, the union being in

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towards Dr. Corfield, or any other of the gentlemen who are

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but with a view to the wellbeing and future of the parasite

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country would concur. Whether, however, the titles could

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it will take a permanent position amongst our methods of

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relates numerous cases where a simple exploratory operation

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London : Smith, Elder, and Co. 1892. (8vo, pp. 474, 83. 6d.)

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admirable services of this many-sided man should and must

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The following communications are expected :—W. J. Fyffe, M.D , and J.

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although their immediate ancestors were free from leprosy.

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ventricles, and as a result of this a hernia of the meninges is

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great infiltration and thickening of the gastric wall the ulcer

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into hieroglyphs), and into German. There are also elaborate

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hot water, which brought away a good deal of shreddy matter and some

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The Gazzetta degli Ospitali ol April 15th publishes the first

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county medical officer in the performance of his duties, just as it is

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sentence: *' The ecti-otic plan of treating smail-pox was suggested by

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The annual festival dinner in aid of the funds of the Metro-

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Swain, M.D. : A case of Bilateral Empyema, Incision and Evacuation of

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14 feet high, while it opens directly out of the reception

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will fully compensate any public medical offlcer who may be so dis-

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case the patient came with an abdominal swelling, which

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relief to, or recovery from, the paraplegia ; this is supported

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cases advocated examination of the membrane for the diph-

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Natural Mineral Waters," read by Professor O. Liebreich at

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At a meethig of the Council of the University College of

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cal man. There would be quite enough work for four officials

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Lyme Regis, Teignmouth, Sidniouth, Torquay, Babbacombe, Exmouth,

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advantage quite as much as the deaf and dumb, for whom

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