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connective-tissue stratum. Throughout the whole lunular area, the two
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eral Social Security Title VI funds. This fiscal year,
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child, is featured at the Merrell booth. This latest Merrell Pediatric Specialty
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surgeon to go back and re-biopsy in order to obtain
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especially affecting the lungs and the air sacs. It is quite evident
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guaranty that the farmers would furnish hogs enough to keep it busy
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be recognized and go down in history as a leader in
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her front teeth and gums. She snapped frequently at the sides of
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for culture Case XIV. In the slides that were prepared it was
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to conclude that syphilis is the cause of the associated change in the
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riic r\|i''i ini.'iit \Mis |iiil'iirnii ll mi t\ u ymiir.' pi'js l'i-.ini tlic ^aiiir !ill"i-
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with Reference to Subcutaneous Injection of Heparin and Use
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jected intravenously into a virgin female rabbit of
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work in Texas, but the regular State inspectors were directed to
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Chairman (1950); J. H. Summers, Lebanon (1951); John J.
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pigs, by which means contaminating organisms were eliminated
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ne of .ndole, may nndcrpo similar processes and appear in "the urin.
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the food. These closets are at times out of order, deficient, defective, or even entirely
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use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help.
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for any one of these points. In addition to the ordinary post-mortem examination, hog
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absence of adequate law a man who declines to control and disinfect
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persons and about 100 persons to use this closet. On the lower floor of this house the
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lations made thereunder, is considered to be any article intended for human consumption
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respond with the respectiTe figures on the left of the chart.
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still in the dark. It is. however, unable to distiniruish friends from ene-
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boli arise in the deep veins of the legs the interrup-
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Mangel-wurzels, protluction value in animal nutrition 285
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its virulence as well as most cultures subjected to growth upon arti-
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dition of acidosis results. The evidence in the past, however, has been
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202. ScHBiDDLB, H. : " Ueber die Magenschleimhautinsein, etc., in
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This proof of Philip Morris superiority is dependent not
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a new drug in an even newer and thoroughly convenient dosage-form. Clark &
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cal studies was equipped. A resident was appointed, and under his
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the cNnplithalinie type, 'i'lic exact iiaihnhicic cliainjes in tlic i;ipit ciiii-
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described by Moore and subsequently called Fowl Typhoid and the
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fied affiliated American associations. The foreign associations with which certified
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56. Chargin, L., and Rein. C. R.: Arch Dermat. & Syph. 44:
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its parenchyma. The hog was about 1 year old and was received from the

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