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The experience of the year of outbreaks of disease, coincident with milk-supplies, strengthened the arguments which could be offered in support of this change.

Braun and others have sought to attribute essential importance to these differences, but, it seems to me, improperly.

Thence, leaving college with high reputation, Valerj went to Rome to devote himself to medical studies at the Universitv and clinics of that city.

The retroperitoneal lymph -glands are enlarged, dry, and somewhat opaque. The tense cliemosis may cause the cornea to slough, or panophthalmitis may result from interference w ith tin- circulation of the choroid or direct extension of the inflammation to that membrane. This is sometimes termed the"German classification." Where there is more than one prominent ingredient, a composite name is employed'. Later, neuralgic pains are experienced in the main trunk Trophic disturbances are frequently added to the neuralgias. " What is the matter, doctor?" he was asked. In all but one case it was limited to the trunk; in three there was concomitant falling of the hair. As to the respiratory tract, should it be known that poisoning takes place by this route, special devised respirators worn by the patient and thorough ventilation of the premises is all that could be done. Nathan Bozeman, of New York, entitled Genital Renovation by Kolpostonotomy and Kolpoecpetasis in Urinary and F;ecal Fistulos, is the first part of an elaborate treatise, overloaded with strange polysyllabic words of Greek derivation, the aim of which is to show that genital kleisis, or operations to occlude or impair the vulvo-vaginal and uterine tract, by interference with its fiMictions, are dangerous as regards their remote consequences, and that the losion.s can by skill and patience on the part of the surgeon lie cured by goidtal anakainosis, the consideration of which the author reserves for a subsequent a paper entitled Forcible Elongation of Pelvic Adhesions. AValsham's valuable investigations, which prove that, in many of the too numerous instances of death after trephining, the fatal result was due not to injuries of the head, but to lesions of structures within the cavities believes that it is never too late to operate, since a sufficient number of cases have recovered after trephining for cerebral abscess, the most unsatisfactory affection for which the operation is ever performed. Actual weighing of the donor may solve the problem. Though influenza is the ailment for which teachers most commonly claim"breakdown allowances," it is less frequently fatal among them than among clergymen, and their mortality from it is lower than that for the average of all occupied and retired male persons. Oxygen is supplied for medical use in iron cylinders, hundred to tWo hundred gallons is of a size easily handled and stored. Gibson" says endotheliomas of the face may shrink As is well known to the majority of rontgen-ray and partially improved by this method of treatment, breast, axilla, etc., apparently cured by the external application of rdntgen rays (and radium), together with fluorescence internally by the administration of fluorescin, radioactive water, or quinin bisulfate. Of course it is wrong to put anyone in training at any time, to create a physiologic cardiac enlargement which remains to plague him in after life, but to place the growing boy under this regimen is nothing short of criminal. The weatlier almost throughout the quarter was favourable to the public health. Being possible, in view of his positive denial of any venereal history. If the physician is self reliant, sanguine, and cheerful, he can readily arouse a like condition in his patient. Os admits one finger, no placental masses are felt. When to the fatigues of labor are added bad ventilation and bad sanitary conditions, disagreeable associates in the place of employment the course of the disease is likewise rapidly downward. His employment of the inductive method is illustrated by his attempt to explain congenital defects by a reference to transitory structures and the metamorphoses of foetal life, as in the case of congenital hernia, which arises from the failure of the peritoneal process to become shut off from the peritoneal cavity. Our predecessors have laboured productively for our advantage in various ways. In au infant and exhibited the specimen.

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